Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is listening Obama like listening to fingernails on a blackboard?

Because EVERY time I hear him I have this uncontrollable urge to change the channel...

Does he affect anyone else this way??Is listening Obama like listening to fingernails on a blackboard?
No, at least you get used to hearing the chalkboard!!!Is listening Obama like listening to fingernails on a blackboard?
You know, yes he does. I have tried to listen to him (just in case he is my only dem choice) but I cant stand him. I havent found any substance to his rants, he sounds like a pastor him self, full of philosphy and jargins. I cant really see him sitting acrossed from world leaders fighting for lower oil, cheaper grain, and world peace. He is just bla bla bla. I am a democrat by nature but I have to admit I will give MC Cain 4 years before I vote Obama.
I personally think his voice sounds calm and fluid.

Hillary's voice is just obnoxious. She makes good points, but even when she does, she sounds like she's yelling into the microphone and losing her voice. And her voice is kinda low for a woman, so it's even more piercing.
Not quite. But I have noticed now that when people make speeches (anywhere I go, not just politics) and quote famous historical people they eat it up. I am now immune to that thanks to Obama. So maybe there was one benefit to his campaign.....that's it though.
No; it's worse. Listening to Obama is like listening to the little geeky book-smart but unintelligent teacher's pet in school.
I find listening to him is almost exactly like listening to his racist preacher.. only Obama is a little less violent.. all from the same cloth.
Listening to Obama is like listening to Bush. I have to turn the sound down.
Well I'm not nuts about him but I will take him over the republicans any day! Obama 08 or Clinton 08!
Usually just the ignorant.

Obama 2008
Yes, I know plenty who feel this way and hopefully we wont have to bear this annoyance for four years God willing! Bammie out in 08!!! Hooray!
No but that thing that's about to lose TO obama has that effect on me.
Yes. He creeps me out. Looking at him isn't easier either. Thank God for the remote.
Have you tried Cartoon Network?
no its only his sheep in here that make me feel that way
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  • How often do you trim your fingernails?

    I do it twice a week.How often do you trim your fingernails?
    i just chew mine off..so whenever they need it haha..but im always chewing my nails off, like everydayHow often do you trim your fingernails?
    when it's long? XD
    maybe once a month? lol i dunno.
    i bite them daily, so much my shin bleeds

    What are the white things lines that randomly grow in your fingernails?

    Uh could you possibly mean calcium spots? If so then it means you aren't getting enough calcium.What are the white things lines that randomly grow in your fingernails?
    Calcium depositsWhat are the white things lines that randomly grow in your fingernails?

    Any Fingernail Painting Ideas?

    I love to paint my fingernails and I've run out of ideas. Help!! Also what are some colors that would go good together? I have almost every color. Hot Pink, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Lime Green, and more! I get most of my nail polish from Claire's. Ideas? Thanks!!Any Fingernail Painting Ideas?
    Try these looks out :) They're really fun and there's a tuttorial for each of them.






    http://www.blog.musthavemakeup.com/?p=48鈥?/a>Any Fingernail Painting Ideas?
    Thanks!! I've already done all of them ideas:D!!!

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    When I do my nails I use a bright color like hot pink, lime green, bright orange, bright purple with white polka dots. you pour some of the white nail polish on paper (paper doesn't absorb the nail polish) and use the end of the end of a tooth pick and dip it in the white nail polish and just put the polka dots on your nails. You can also make stripes like this put instead of putting dots just drag the tooth pick along.
    Here's what I used to do when I was in school:

    ~ Paint every nail on one hand a different color

    ~ Paint every nail on both hands a different color

    ~ Paint every other nail a different color

    ~ Paint a rainbow across your nails

    ~ Have the nails on one hand a different color from the ones on the other hand

    ~ Stripes!

    ~ Polka dots!
    maybe do a zebra print but instead of typical black and white do it with like neon yellow or blue or pink or anything and white! sebra is actually pretty easy, and fun! but you have to have the nailpolish that had the skinny tip instead of the normal fat one. sorry if you don't have it but i would recommend you get it because that you can do cool designs like the pros ;) good luck xoxox
    I saw this style on this chick, thought it was cute and so i will pass it on to you.

    for natural nails:

    paint the first 3 fingers on both of you hands a light matte color, and the last two a corresponding metallic color. [ie. a bronze, gold, pewter, silver...etc.]

    It may sound a little off the wall when you read this, think about it...

    it really is cute, and not ghetto, depending on the colors you choose..it can look different and artistic.

    (the colors I saw were a light blue on the first 3, and metallic gold on the last two)

    good luck

    Get an orange, red, blue, yellow, and green regular nail polish.

    Buy a drawing nail polish thingy and get black and white.(or u can use the not drawing thing but drawing thing is better)

    Paint each nail one of the different colors (orange red blue yellow and green)Then use the black to make a face. Underneith that right a white m. thenn oyu hav m%26amp;m nails!!!
    Claires has some of the coolest nail polish colours ( my favourite beeing the neon green), they also have this type of nail polish that has 3 colours in one, its really cool !

    here is a link on the site:

    For the 4th of july red, white, and blue stripes.

    Strawberry's and cherry's

    Different colors on each nail.

    Smiley faces :)

    A letter on each nail spelling out your name

    Be creative! Hope I helped! :)
    have you tried using the colors together?

    like pink base with green dots or something?

    wanna answer mine??? :)

    Im a sucker for some bright red nail polish,

    I think it looks really classy.

    Or you can buy some of those new pens that just came out,

    and draw things on your fingers!
    Yellow is fun for summer, if you do designs on them it is always fun to put white designs on them using really thin tip nailpolish
    Try like a dark purple. It's fun different and looks great on short nails (not people who bite their nails though). So if you've cut them and they're not that long, dark purple or some funky shimmer dark blue is awesome.
    What you need:

    Q-tip and nail polish

    Paint your nails a dark color and let dry.

    Grap a brighter color and spot your nails with the Q-tip
    lime green and yellow every other finger or something like that

    Acrylic Fingernail fungus?

    I just took off my acrylic nails and to my surprise half of my nail has fungus. :( What is the quickest and cheapest way to get rid of the fungus? What is the best way of getting rid of it without going to see a doctor?Acrylic Fingernail fungus?
    i think they have stuff and walmart, and if that gave you fungus, either the equitment was clean they were using, or they left bubbles while putting the tips on. sorry bout that, hope i helped and good luck.

    and can someone please answer my question,please and thankyou

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?鈥?/a>Acrylic Fingernail fungus?
    Go to your local drug store and buy fingernail fungus cream.

    Is it acceptable to cut fingernails in public?

    I ride a train to work every morning and see the same people. The same woman cuts her nails on the train often. She lets the clippings just fall on the floor. It doesn't seem to bother anyone else. Is it just me or is this gross?Is it acceptable to cut fingernails in public?
    That's disgusting.. . I would take away her scissors.. I would tell her I find that not very nice to have to watch.. she must have 5 minutes of time at the weekend to do this at home... only a manicurist should do that.. or I can understand if someone ''snags'' one fingernail and they get out a nailfile to file it straight... but not to cut them and throw the clippings on the floor.. I would not sit where she is sitting.. that is not what I would want to see first thing in the morning... I would find another place on this darn train.. it must be longer than this.. just becaus you see her every morning I would not sit near her every morning.. or I would be the kind of person who would steal her nail clippers or her scissors and run...Is it acceptable to cut fingernails in public?
    The only time I would think it acceptable to clip a (one) nail in public is if a nail broke and it was so uncomfortable or dangerous that clipping it off is the only remedy to keep from injuring oneself or someone else.

    I worked with a man for many years and at least once a week he took his shoes off and clipped his toenails in his office. The sound echoed throughout the entire office suite. It was beyond gross and disturbing, so I certainly sympathize with your predicament.
    I know a couple people who are bothered by it, but people clip their nails anywhere and everywhere, and most of the time no one cares or notices...I think it's natural and common to be grossed out, but I've seen people cut their nails in public, and no one seems to notice or find it really disturbing..
    ~~It is rude to take care of personal hygiene in public. I watched a guy clean his fingernails while I was in a waiting room at my doctor's office. It was disgusting. To top it off, his wife was crunching so loudly on a cup of ice, it graded on my nerves.

    Nope, I prefer people chewing with their mouth closed and taking care of grooming in their own home. It's disgusting to see stuff falling off people-YUK!
    It is a practice of personal grooming that should be done in the privacy of the bathroom, like all personal grooming is done.

    It's not just you, it is gross to clip fingernails in public .... most people have become desensitized to private matters being displayed in public.
    No its not acceptable this is considered a part of personal grooming,not a public display.She is very rude.
    Its gross and unacceptable. Its not just you.
    I think it's gross! even at home me or my kids cut fingernails over the garbage or toilet. I don't think I would set next to her either.
    i wouldn't really call it gross but what people do in the bathroom should never be done in public. most people don't shave their legs in public, etc.
    it doesnt show many manners or respect for others. it should be done at home when you are alone.
    Yes, that's quite gross.

    No, it's not just you.
    That is gross.
    NOT acceptable. I've seen it a lot too, but this is so gross!

    My fingernail seems to be falling off.?

    i hit something really hard then when i look at my hand the bottom of the nail where the cuticle came out but the top is still attached. when will it fall off. i know not to yank it because i know for sure that would hurt.. but should i leave it. its not hurting much cuz im not a wuss but should i see a doctor for this. and how long will it take to grow back?My fingernail seems to be falling off.?
    It sounds like to me it's going to fall off. It's really not a big deal though, its a common thing. There's really no point in going to a doctor because they will not be able to do much except give you something to prevent infection (which isn't likely to happen anyway). It just takes time. You're nail will grow back to normal though.

    I played basketball last year with too small of shoes on and it caused blisters under my big toe nails, which resulted in them falling off. They've grown back normal since then.. It'll probably take a good 4-7 months for it to grow back once it falls off and it'll probably look pretty ugly, but there's nothing really to worry about.
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